Rekki Lune

Lady Elrekia Susan Lune, a first class Knight from one of the old noble houses, House Lune. Something of a prodigy, she was the national under 16’s duelling champion before she was knighted, and was catapulted up to first class in her teens because of her pivotal role in the Anglish Civil War. Because of the responsibilities she’s been landed with and experiences of the horrors of war at such a young age, though still only twenty years old, Rekki suffers from chronic insomnia, only further agitating her manic and hot-tempered personality.

Lady Lune is a simple and visceral person at heart. She takes the most straightforward route through any situation, often relying on her martial prowess and superhuman strength granted by a hefty amount of latent red magic. She bulldozes her way through life, throwing herself into everything with reckless abandon. Rekki has little patience or attention to detail, and quickly tires of complex situations. Her motto is “When all else fails, use fire”.

Subo Walker

Sir Subo Walker is a second class knight from a non-noble background. He often finds himself partnered up with Rekki because he seems to have a knack for dealing with her volcanic temper, and because he’s endowed with particularly strong regenerative magic, something very useful when you’re anywhere near somebody as destructive as Lady Lune. Subo is particularly laid back, showing little sign of much drive or ambition, and only reached second class by getting through some of the most dangerous missions in the war in one piece thanks to his healing factor. He is a knight purely because he wants to help keep the peace.

Subo is an optimist and despite being not of noble birth and looking like a walking scarecrow, a truly noble and chivalrous gentleman. He believes there is good in everybody, and people only commit crimes when they themselves are in need of help, and expects honourable behaviour from everybody. It’s quite fortunate really, considering this, that he’s practically invincible.

Sarin Aoki

A newly promoted second class knight and an old friend and training partner of Rekki’s, despite being from a non-noble background. Being of Nipponese extraction, Sarin stands out in the relatively remote Lonchester, where ethnic diversity, particularly among knights is much lower than in larger cities and the south of the country.¬† She’s remarkably tall particularly considering her ethnicity, something attributable to a combination of magic and low self esteem that she doesn’t like to talk about.
She is an exceedingly proud knight who strives to better herself and takes her job very seriously, sometimes considering her low rank compared to her peers as a failure on her part. Sarin holds herself and others to very high standards, but is also an encouraging and kind person, making her popular as a mentor for young squires. In battle, Sarin is elegant and resourceful, using her intelligence and skill to balance her lack of raw magical power.


A relaxed and trendy knight from a rich, non-noble family. Zeph doesn’t take his job particularly seriously, but loves the opportunity to show off his skills. He’s a flashy guy who likes to be cool, but is sometimes thrown off-guard by the overwhelming weirdness of Sarin and her aquaintances, leaving him a little flustered. Zephyr doesn’t tell people his first name, apparently it’s embarrassing, and few outside his family even know it!
While he may seem like a useless poser, he’s actually pretty good at his job, good enough to have been promoted to second class and be trusted mentoring squires. He works with Sarin quite often on these kinds of assignments.

Juliet Ellis

The heir of House Ellis, a noble house with a reputation for handling many of the shadier assignments Knights are required for. On knighthood, Juliet will be in charge of some of the most feared people in Anglise. Naturally coming from such a background, the young lady squire is treated with caution and trepidation by most, and she does little to dispel this reputation with her flippant and ambiguous way of dealing with others. Juliet prefers using illusion and trickery to take out her foes, and has no qualms with what a more honourable knight may call ‘dishonourable’ tactics.
Naturally, the ever-honourable Sarin dislikes Juliet quite vocally. Rocket Lune, on the other hand, is firm friends with her, and maintains adamantly that the heir of Ellis is a much nicer person than she seems.

Rochette “Rocket” Lune

Rekki’s little sister, a squire of House Lune. Rocket is a changeling, a non-human soul in a human body. Faries are some of the more benevolent spirits around, and tend to take up residence in unborn bodies which have failed to synch with their soul, so would otherwise be stillborn (as opposed to trying to force the existing soul out like some demons). Having a human body is desirable to those spirits who want to interact with the material world¬† for better or worse, and so like most Changelings, Rocket is treated with caution or fear by most people, since her white hair, pointed ears and constant sparkling make it pretty obvious that she’s not a normal human.
Generally she conducts herself in as human a manner as she can manage, despite finding certain protocol confusing. Having lived and died many times over, Rocket is unsettlingly chipper in dangerous situations, viewing physical death as merely an unpleasant inconvenience and being much more concerned about others than herself. Rocket’s soul has limited free will compared to a human, and she can’t directly or intentionally harm humans physically or emotionally. Her general obliviousness being on par with her sister’s tends to find odd loopholes in this though.