‘Fan Dan Go’ is an action comedy comic set in the Retropunk Fantasy land of ‘Anglise’. It’s about the adventures of a group of hip young Knights trying to keep the peace and make a living.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make this comic?

The pencils are done on ordinary printer paper and scanned in, then inked in a program called ‘Manga Studio’, which regardless of whether you’re a manga artist or not, is worth a look, because of it’s brilliant line smoothing, which makes using the tablet a lot less annoying! I use a Wacom bamboo A5 tablet, but up until the the end of chapter 2, I was using an older A6 model. I’d recommend an A6 tablet for beginners, because they’re cheaper but there is a visible jump in inking quality with the larger size upgrade. The colours, shading and lettering are done in photoshop. If you’re wondering about the lettering, it’s a free font from blambot.com called ‘creative block’, it’s not a widely used comic font because it’s quite bulky, so won’t work with a lot of styles, but I feel it suits the chunky inking and bold style of this comic.

Why is it called ‘Fan Dan Go’?

That’s a good question! When I started out with this vague idea for a comic about knights which I wanted to be like ‘British Naruto’ back when I was about 18 (Naruto was very new back then, it hadn’t even been licensed in the US/UK yet, so it wasn’t nearly as overexposed as now). I had Rekki and Subo already planned out and stuff, but couldn’t think of a name! I asked a crazy hippie friend and she said:

“Call it Briing!f’doing! Ekiekieki meep Fandango!”

I wrote down ‘fandango’ and liked the funky sound of the word. Since early drafts I’d had the concept of a runic language used for magic, and decided there could feasibly be three runes called ‘Fan’ ‘Dan’ and ‘Go’, making a familiar word unfamiliar. I liked the concept of the title being an invented homonym that didn’t mean what you would expect, so kept the name…Only to later discover ‘fandango’ was the name of a cinema ticket website *sigh*…

Ew, manga? Why does it have to be manga? I hate manga!

Yeah, you know what? I don’t really care. I like the look of the manga style, it’s expressive and full of energy, and a very elegant medium. I don’t draw manga style because it’s ‘popular’ because, to be honest, there are probably as many manga haters out there as lovers. I draw this way because I like to.

How can I support Fan Dan Go?

Well, clicking on my ad banners gets me money! Or if you want to advertise, why not bid for ad space yourself!? If you just want to send me some money, you could always just donate to my paypal. I can’t fathom why you’d want to just send me money, but I sure won’t complain!

About the Artist

Kate Holden, known online as ‘Darth Mongoose’ is a comic artist and illustrator, and sometimes a designer based in the North of England. A former ‘Rising Stars of Manga’ competition finalist, manga jiman competition winner and a member of small press comics group ‘Indie Manga’, a UK-based doujinshi circle.
She has been drawing webcomics on and off since her teens. Outside of drawing, she enjoys rock climbing and cosplay.

Online portfolio and comission details

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