I am really enjoying drawing and writing Tsubasa. I don’t often have charming bishounen types in my comics!

Fun fact: When I named Sarin, I had no idea her name was also the name of a deadly nerve gas. I made up a bunch of runes and constructed names out of them for some characters, Elrekia, Subo and Sarin are runic names, meaning ‘ambitious woman’, ‘tall tree’ and ‘sincere child’ respectively.

I think the in-story explanation is that Sarin’s parents wanted to give her a traditional Anglish runic name to make her fit in better (Sarin was born in Anglise, but her parents are from Nippon, which is of course the FDG world’s Japan). Unfortunately they picked a name which a few years later became the name of a deadly gas (sarin gas was developed in the sixties as it was in our universe,  this comic takes place in 1975).